Our Services

We offer our clients a comprehensive list of in-house event management services.


Corporate Events

The most important secret we’ve learned through our years of experience in the industry is that there’s no fixed blueprint for successful event planning. Every affair is unique, with a particular set of demands. As such, every event should be handled with care, and given the required time and energy to ensure its success.

Our Corporate Events division covers the vast spectrum of the field, from product launches and presentations, to conferences, company luncheons and dinners, and even fundraisers and galas. We strive to plan and organize custom events, tailored to each and every corporate need. Our team of specialists work tirelessly around the clock to provide only the best service in the business, putting together their skills and creativity to good use. Their aim first and foremost is to understand the company, message, and vision of the client, and follow up by collaborating with their representatives on every little detail, in order to organize momentous events and offer unforgettable experiences.

Wedding & Engagement Services

It is no secret that a person’s wedding day is one of the most important in their lives. It is the culmination of a couple’s story and the declaration of their bond.

Through our years in the industry, we’ve come to master the art of wedding planning. From intimate ceremonies to luxurious celebrations and fun, out-ofthe- box events, we’ve got it all covered. Our wide network of suppliers and connections ensures we have every area handled, and our team of gifted and innovative planners work together with you to bring your dream wedding to life.

Social Gatherings

Sometimes, events fall outside the norm of traditional milestones. Maybe, you’re looking to celebrate a special anniversary, an exceptional achievement, a symbolic holiday, or just simply feel like throwing a party for no good reason other than to bring together your friends and family.

Whatever your reason, we’ll make sure to assign you a creative and skilled team of planners who will use their knowledge and expertise to breathe life into your vision, and who will accompany you from the very beginning of it all, walking you through every step to organize your dream celebration.

With innovative themes and creative concepts, as well a knowledgeable network of connections and suppliers that handle everything from lighting and catering to entertainment and party decorations, we will cater to your imagination and take care of every little detail to bring your party to life in a flawless and professional manner, and give you and your guests an unforgettable experience.


Birthday Celebrations

Over at Events Lab, we have quickly learned that every milestone counts and, as such, should be given an appropriate celebration. Our experience has taught us, however, that organizing an event, no matter the scale, can be a taxing, time consuming affair when you don’t know what you’re doing. It can turn a fun, happy event into a stressful and tedious task. Lucky for you, we’ve got a vast understanding of the field and how to handle it, and we’re here to relieve you of every little task in the planning process.

For that reason and more, we’ve dedicated a significant amount of our resources to plan memorable birthday celebrations for all ages. From elegant parties to fun and vibrant birthday festivities, we’ve got ideas and themes for every style and personality in the book. All you have to worry about is enjoying your birthday party, and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

Fashion Shows

Fashion show planning is a hard and meticulous process that requires a lot of time and energy, and more importantly, a keen attention to detail. It is, after all, the showcasing of hours upon hours of hard work and energy spent by a designer in order to create a collection of clothing items that reflect their vision and genius. As a result, it is in our understanding that the fashion presentation of this line should reflect that vision and only that, and align completely with the designer’s work and aspired theme.

The live performance aspect of these kinds of events, as well as the fact that they often bring together different elements and personalities, add a tricky dimension to them and should be treated and planned with the utmost care.

Thankfully, over at Event Lab, we’ve mastered the art of fashion show planning in the highest caliber.  From guest lists and seating charts to venue hunting, model coordination and time management, we’ve got every little element covered.

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